Integrative Midwifery Care

Integrative Midwifery is a hybrid model of care for those planning a hospital birth.  It is an ideal option when the hospital is the desired birthing location, and allows for a merging of midwifery care with the medical model. It is a wonderful choice for those who are not considered low-risk, but are still wanting the benefits and support of a midwife in the hospital when they birth.  It is also a bridge for those families on the fence about homebirth, providing an option to receive the benefits of midwifery care throughout pregnancy and often helping to clarify choices about birth location.

Just like with planned home birth, you will receive regular midwifery care during prenatal visits, during your labor at home, and during the postpartum period. Your midwife monitors the wellbeing of you and your baby during labor at home, helps you decide when the time is right to go to the hospital, and then accompanies you through this transition and acts as your birth doula and advocate in the hospital for your birth.  After the birth, your midwife then provides in-home midwifery care for you and your newborn during the first 6 weeks postpartum.

If you choose Integrative Care, the Prenatal, Labor + Birth, and Postpartum care follows the same schedule and includes the same elements as those listed on my Homebirth page.  If this model of care is something you’re considering, feel free to contact me with questions or to schedule an interview!

Midwifery care is covered by most insurance plans, with the exception of Kaiser.